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jumanji.co Mastodon hosted on mastodon.jumanji.co

mastodon.jumanji.co is an mastodon (surprise) server hosted by Austin Lanari (@[email protected]) because he's sick of centralized data, curious about federated server protocols, and has severe ADHD and read about setting up a Mastodon server at 1am the other night so he thought, "sure, why not."

I see this as a refuge from other micro-blogging services, and anyone is welcome as long as they follow the terms (linked below). The instance has no set theme, and you don't have to have any particular set of interests to join, but I mostly toot about programming, random projects I'm working on, comics, and responsible social tech.

Please review the Terms and the Privacy Policy if you'd like to join.

Generally speaking, @foggy is the only admin and is the sole arbiter of what flies on the instance. Anything unreasonable (check the terms!) gets you booted from the instance without warning.

If you're curious about other federated server protocols, I also run a Pleroma instance at boshi.press. Note: that instance runs on a Raspberry Pi next to my couch and as such is a bit less stable, but I do make regular backups.

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