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@Zero_Democracy I immediately wanted to watch it again but felt like I needed to sit with it. Still haven't gone back.

I'm reading an old Dennis the Menace comic book and its amazing.

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Hell yeah I toot

Totally awful concurrency issues
On mastodon
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Finished the inaugural shogi game with my new set
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@purgatos instance is back, sorry! Apparently the server was completely out of space

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I went to a Yankees game once and a woman won a 12 pack of Nestle bottled water and it was the worst shit I've ever seen

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“Can you please play Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, mr. piano player sir?” the small child asks hopefully.

I smile. “Sure,” i say, “it’s the Liszt I can do.”

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Only fourteen tiebreakers in mlb history, two are today, and I'm at one.

Do these Spanish folks belong to a certain troll group? The way they're responding to the mere mention of colonization is shocking

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The year was 2018. Gargron had to start donating plasma to buy a dedicated server at CERN to pay for his Rails app to handle the throughput of an entire country leaving Twitter.
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Popping through my zine collection as I clean some stuff out and found this timely bit. I can't imagine there's much of an overlap between mets fans and zine culture so this is cool for me lol

Are any mastodon relays actually working lol

One thing that annoys me on pleroma, if I'm right about it, is that if something is coming over the relay, it doesn't respect blocks/mutes

It's a little silly that I can follow a Pleroma relay in one line out of the box and mastodon relays are a minefield

I'm less interested in which instances to block/silence and WAY more interested in which instances have a substantial level of not-shit AND are/aren't running relays

Am I wrong to be totally bored by what Berners-Lee is doing with Solid?

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