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👋 Hi, I'm Austin and by trade I'm a full-stack mobile dev

I also write about comics and, increasingly, labor issues, specifically wrt to cartoonists. When I'm not doing that, I'm setting up random servers (like this one) and tinkering, esp. with free software.

Sometime soon, I see these three things (comics, labor, and libre software) intersecting for me. I'm on twitter @austinlanari but I'd rather just be here.

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I mainly use the federated timeline, is that weird?

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And keep in mind that allowing ads means your instance might be black/graylisted by other instances who have no interest in that stuff

If you run an instance, it's always a good time to have an explicit policy about ads in case businesses start trying to leverage their brand here.

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Apparently #Google employees are protesting the plan to build a censored search for China. That's very good to hear, but it's also important to remember that de-ranking of websites to protect the interests of outdated private industries, highlighting news stories from 'trusted' (by them) sources, personalization etc. are just some of the ways Google already censors content worldwide.

The real question is, what should I do with

LB: 10 dollar elixir instance could handle that lol

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Plume also has really nice integration with Pleroma, as seen by this screenshot. has, apparently, no integration with Pleroma because they implement ActivityPub wrong.

also integration even if it worked is one-way only.

and again, promises to publish their code someday, but that day is not today, so it's just #openwashing.

.... Pleroma wouldn't have the scale issues m.s is having :blobhyperthink:

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Database design question Show more

Database design question Show more

Database design question Show more

It's hard not to get excited about the amount you can customize the pleroma front end, especially when you consider it's in the really early stages of even having those kinds of options.

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Thing I like watching the week after Twitter does something stupid:

Latest wave of Twitter refugees roll in - some of them are ANGRY about THINGS because on Twitter, ANGER and SNARK makes NUMBERS go UP and makes EXCITING BRAIN CHEMICALS HAPPEN.

A few days go by, the ANGRY PEOPLE kinda calm down, start talking about how not-angry this place tends to be, talk a lot about Twitter.

A week or two later and they're just talking about their days, cool things they're making, chatting, telling jokes.

eventually I'll get bored and go back to writing posts in markdown like a reasonable person but for now that pleroma account is like my blog

Quick reminder that I brilliantly ran an SD card into the ground running a server on it, so refollow @foggy if you were following it before it got reset (if you're currently following I think you're essentially listening to posts from the void even if some actor info got updated)

Any admins running less than 10 postgres connections? I'm thinking about dialing it down by a few just because it's only me and each open connection uses more memory than Pleroma itself lol